Thursday, January 13, 2011

~ Lets the pic tell the story part 2 ~

hey guys.. ! today i wanna share with u all what i have learn in microbiology lab just know ! yeah.. here we are... :

ok.. this is the fungus that we have culture last week ! see! how fast they grow???

this fungi named ' Aspergillus in PDA medium'

ok..the cute and small one is 'Penicilum in PDA medium'
they have two different look right? don be too excited, bcos this fungi have been contaminated!
huhu.. the one with black spore is the "pencemar"...hehe

this is 'Penicilum in MEA medium'
they are growing very beautiful in colour and shape :)

guess what? what? u cant see anything right? yeah.. it is not because our culture is not success, but ! they are growing and spread among them very fast, large and widely... huhu.. until u cannot see anything besides the spores.... and this is 'Rhizopus in PDA medium'

see.. how cruel we are ..haha.. by culturing the fungi, we are actually let the fungi grow and spread among them and sure it can be harmful to us... so,, be aware by dont u dare to open the petri dish without u realise that fungi will enter to ur body and spread it to all part of ur body until u die.. hahaha..
how cruel we are... yeahhhh..
the purpose we are doing this culture is to observe and describe the morphology of the colony and the characteristics of each fungi by knowing the colour of the mycelium, spore colour, pigmentation , zoning and so on...
we are actually, espcecially me, haha... feel scared to do the experiment bcos we are afraid the fungi may grow inside our body and make disease to us.. huhu..
dont play play.. ok :)
and yeah of course, i feel excited and scared every time i enter the laboratory..hehe...
do you ?

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