Monday, January 10, 2011

.. lets the pic tell the story part 1 ..

yuhhhuuuuu.. ! hey guys.. how r u ? hmm. guess what ? yeah. im just came back frm english class today.. frm 12 noon to 2 o'clock.. see? how tired i am? just bcos dis morning i have start the computer class n for the first day, guess what ? i come late ! omg.. u all can predict right the situation?.. i wake up when i hear someone is knocking the door, and i open my eyes, the person who is standing outside the door was anisa, my coursemate, and automatically i know that im already late for the class ! it is something that never ever happen in my life since in ukm. (kat matrik penah la jugak).. haha..
then me myself already make up my mind for not attending the class but since anisa is willing to wait for me, then i should not make her disappointed..(over kan?) haha.
it is lucky that when we arrive there, the class is not started grateful i am.. :)
well.. i get very excited to attend this class actually .. yeah bcos im (buta IT)..haha.. understood? hehe...
ok.. now we are going to story what we are doing in english class today? but lets the pic tell the stories.. it is bcos im too bored in the class, so, i take the opportunity to snap the pictures !!! :)

zaidek with anisa :)

they are listening to the yuva's group presentation..

me with Ratu :) we are playing around.. ..haha
who is more gorgeous? of course me , right? :)

i am diligent person :)

the best group presentation ! (panjang lebar) bole la band 7.. huhu:)

she is crazy "_)

they are very photogenic ! :)

sleepy already :)

they are wearing purple today :)

the great biochemist ! :)

strive for goal !

...THE END of the story.. hahaha...
ready for the next class.. TITAS at 5 0'clock... (huarghhhhhh).....

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